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our services are tailored to the specific needs of the parties in conflict. based on an initial discussion which is offered free of cost we shall work out a detailed proposal for each case.

at present our services are focused on three domains:

conflict counselling
in many cases a better understanding of a conflict situation and of  the related strategic options for the various stakeholders concerned can make a significant contribution in opening up avenues for constructive conflict resolution. we assist parties in conflict in analysing  the content and structure of conflict fields, the configuration of interests and the potential for constructive change. whether such counselling will lead to a more comprehensive support process, such as mediation, can then be decided at a later stage.

orientation and training
general knowledge about the dynamics of conflicts and the scope of various methods of conflict resolution can be an advantage, particularly in a context of socio-cultural diversity with challenges for co-operation. such knowledge can enhance the chances for early recognition of tensions and they will facilitate the timely application of constructive measures. we offer our support for designing and conducting training activities for your team or your organization as a whole.

mediation - the search for win-win solutions, from conflict analysis to implementation support

our core activity is the conduct of comprehensive mediation processes through their various stages, from the first exploration through in-depth analysis of the conflict, the search for solutions, the settlement agreement and, if desired, support for implementation and follow up. the procedures are designed in a flexible manner; they take into account the specific requirements of each case.

we conduct mediation processes between individuals, groups and organizations in business, schools, neighbourhoods, municipalities, etc. our professional background provides in-depth experience in matters of inter-cultural understanding and cooperation at local, regional and international level.