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welcome to baobab mediation

we are a group of trained mediators, based in switzerland, combining professional experience from various fields such as international development cooperation, humanitarian aid, peace research, legal counselling, psychotherapy, media communications, cultural exchange.

our symbol, the baobab tree, stands for an independent space where people in conflict can meet to sort out their differences in mutual respect and constructive dialogue.

living together in mixed societies of people with different origins, cultural orientations and beliefs is a challenge. our differences are a potential for creativity and combined strength, but they can easily become a source of tension and conflict. mediation skills are needed to deal with conflicts early enough to prevent them from spiralling into destruction and violence.

baobab mediation offers professional advice for people in conflict who want to address their differences through peaceful means.

contact us if you want to know more about mediation practices and how mediation could
change your conflict situation.






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